Thekkaetheruvu Malika

Thekkaetheruvu Malika, a linear double storied structure lying on the northern side of the palace complex overlooks the Thekkaetheruvu, a major processional route. The Thekkaetheruvu Malika was part of the administrative complex that had an important position when the Travancore rulers were settled here in Padmanabhapuram. This utilitarian structure has a simple rectangular plan, its ground floor divided into many rooms, whereas the upper floor consists of two linear halls. In olden days the various offices associated with the palace as well as the Cutcherry was housed in the malika. The openings from the Thekkaetheruvu facilitated the officers and the common subjects to access the office complex easily. At the extreme eastern end of Thekkaetheruvu Malika is the famed Ambari Mukhappu.

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