Lakshmi Vilasam

Lakshmi Vilasam, otherwise known as Putten Kottaram (new palace) is literally one of the last additions made in the ancient Padmanabhapuram Palace complex. According to popular tradition, this structure was erected sometime during the early years of the twentieth century, as an annexe for the officials who camped at Kalkulam. The architectural style adopted is remarkable for its inclusion of colonial elements, quite different from the rest of the structures. The main entrance to the building is through a foyer facing west. The ornate gable above the main entrance is engraved with the conch shell insignia and the letters 'RV' standing for Sree Moolam Tirunal 'Rama Varma', during whose reign this structure was constructed. The northern block of Lakshmi Vilasam has a courtyard with rooms arranged around it.

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