Indra Vilasam

The long corridor of the Thekkaetherivu Malika ends at Indra Vilasam, a double storied mansion said to have been constructed during the reign of Anizham Tirunal Marthanda Varma as a guest house for western dignitaries who visited the royal court. Fr. Paolino Bartalomeo who visited the royal courtduring the reign of Dharmaraja Karthika Tirunal Rama Varma had stayed at Indra Vilasam. The architectural characteristics of Indra Vilasam make it stand apart from the rest of the buildings in the palace complex. Traditional Kerala architectural vocabulary makes way for colonial style to suit the needs of foreign guests. The scale and proportion of this structure itself is different from the rest. The high ceiling, balustrade, wide wooden staircase, pillared verandah on the northern and southern façade featuring twin columns are distinguishing elements. The high ceiling and large fenestrations adds an airy touch to the interiors, whilst the southern view overlooks a landscaped garden.

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