Ayudhappura, the armoury associated with the palace complex is located on the western perimeter of the palace complex. The armoury was essentially two long rooms with no openings other than small doors and it is located on the first floor. The main access to the ayudhapura is from the Natamalika.

The strategic location of the armoury and its connectivity to the most important sections of the palace complex should be specially noted. Strictly a building meant for utilitarian use, the armoury is devoid of any ornamental details. The details of the first quality weapons once stored in the armoury can be glimpsed from the accounts of Col. Welsh who records that a gold-hilted sword with fine blade decorated with ornamental inlays, pistols, guns, and spears from the royal armoury were looted and later sold off in a public auction.

In 1935, when the palace complex was first opened to the public, the collection of arms such as fetters, swords, pistols, revolvers, daggers, spears, choppers etc. and penal implements like handcuffs were exhibited there. An iron cage for hanging the condemned convicts was a major attraction. These exhibits were later transferred to the newly established museum block on the south side of the large frontcourt.

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